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There is a Buddhist story of several blind men who are led to an elephant and then asked to describe it.

The first blind man touches the trunk and says "It is like a long fat snake"The second touches its ear and says, "It is like a large fan". 

The third person holds its leg and says "It's like a tree trunk." 

The final blind man holds on to its tail and says, "You are all wrong! An elephant is like a brush"They all carry on arguing with one another and so it continues until dawn. 

Everyone thinks they are right.The next day, a man with eyesight takes each man around the elephant and asks them to feel all the parts of the elephant so they can understand the whole picture. It is an important story of holding on to limited ideas and beliefs without understanding the bigger picture, lest we too become like the blind men.                     “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.”                                                       ― Frank Zappa



My apologies for the lack of communication! I am finally back after an extended time of studying and working on different projects for the future.

The picture below is of me at The Confucius Institute at London South Bank University. I am currently taking on extra study and clinical hours in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to compliment Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine.

My garden clinic is finally complete and I will be seeing clients from here going forward for Ayurvedic therapies, lifestyle advice and Yoga therapy classes.

I will be beginning my first Yoga class from here focusing on relaxation and meditation.

I have been contacted by many people post-lockdown asking about when classes will resume and I am finally in a space to offer small, intimate classes in a home environment.

To register your interest please reply to this email. It will be a a 4 week course on Monday evenings from 7-8pm. Cost £60. Dates to be released shortly. 

It will provide a safe space to unwind from our frantic, noise-filled lives.

I will lead some gentle breathing exercises followed by a guided relaxation/meditation. 

There will be time to chat over refreshments at the end. 

My ongoing vision is to create a strong supportive network to keep us motivated in our spiritual practice. 

Please contact me if you would like a space. 

Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary. 

Please pass on to others you think could benefit. 

Further details will be sent soon. #Ayurveda #Yoga #Acupuncture # Cupping


Sending Love,


Meena x

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