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Recent Testimonials

Patient Feedback

The following testimonials are from my most recent clients. They are written in their own words and have not been edited in anyway.

I was first recommended to Meena by a close friend for Ayurvedic massage.  When I went to get my massage, which by the way was amazing! I also realised that Meena carried out acupuncture which she recommended for my psoriasis. Long story short, my psoriasis has NEVER been better. With a course of acupuncture and some very sound advice from Meena, my pain and irritation has lessened incredibly. Thank you Meena, my skin looks amazing and I am happier and confident


Image by Katherine Hanlon

“I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 7 years ago and was prescribed steroids. i have been taking them and over time these steroids helped with RA but had severe effects on other parts of my body. i was feeling very weak and tired all the time and struggled a lot to do my house chores. One of my friend recommended Meena. I had initial consultation and Meena  advised accupuncture and to try a few sessions . After the second session I could see a huge change not just the RA but my overall health and mental well being. This gave me confidence and  had few more sessions. Its been almost a year since I stopped steroids and leading a healthy life. Meena not only treats through acupuncture but also suggests life style changes and  ayurvedic medicine which helps a lot. I had never imagined i can live without steroids. Meena is God sent for me.”


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