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Did you know that the new home of the giant Californian Redwood tree is right here in the UK? This includes the species Sequoiadendron giganteum, which is the biggest.Redwood's are the largest of the tree kingdom and can live way beyond 2000 years !

A recent study conducted by Kew Botanic Gardens found that Redwood's are finding their native Californian climate too dry but are loving the damp, temperate weather we have right here in Jolly England ! There are now roughly half a million in the UK and that is more than on the West Coast of the USA.

Redwood's were introduced to the UK by noble Victorians who planted them in their lavish estates to display opulence and grandeur. They have continued to thrive and grow under the radar of scientists until recently. 

---Nature's ability to adapt is remarkable. We all do it. Quite successfully and quite unconsciously.

While it may seem as though we are fixed and nothing changes, the truth is that we have the capability to adjust depending on the circumstances we find ourselves in. 

War survivors show this strength when they lose an arm or leg. People who lose their eyesight, often report that their sense of smell and hearing has heightened. Deaf people say they adapt by paying more attention to the vibrations that are felt rather than grossly heard. 

As a species, we are more flexible and complex than we know. We have the capacity to bend without breaking just like the branches of a tree.

Of course, adversity can always strike us through life and we can often feel broken and beyond repair. This is the time to look differently at approaching life or possibly making way for new life and growth.

Just like the majestic redwood trees never underestimate your capabilities. Despite what we may hear in mainstream news, nature is far stronger than we can completely understand and there is a reservoir of support along the way if we care to look with wisdom, clarity and understanding.   

When antibiotics first came out, nobody could have imagined we'd have the resistance problem we face today. We didn't give bacteria credit for being able to change and adapt so fast.

-Bonnie Bassler

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Sending Love,

Meena x

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